Thursday, 21 November 2013


As requested, here are my top tips on GCSEs.
Some of it is things you will have heard before, but its really just what I found best from first hand experience.

  1. Don't worry about them. The hardest thing to do, but the best: when you come out the other end, you will be thinking 'why did I even feel stressed!?'
  2. Sleep. Early nights, especially before exams.
  3. Treat yourself. Woo! For revising and during the exam period: I got through a lot of flavoured popcorn doing this blog.
  4. Revise.
  5. Practise. Do every past paper you can find.
  6. Teach someone else; the best way to learn is to explain to other people.
  7. Don't be stupid  (go to hospital/do drugs before your exam.)
  8. Bring all the right equipment to the exam- you just feel so prepared and in control.
  9. Start revising really early to lighten the load and get things in you long term memory.
  10. Deep breathing, kept me calm, focused and stress free ;)