Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Hello all,

I just wanted to say a massive massive thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog over the years.

I've just tried to filter through some of the comments to make final corrections, as I have finished my schooling career so probably won't revisit hannahhelp to make edits in the future, and it has reminded me how lovely you all are.

People have written me the nicest praises and thanks that you could imagine and I am so grateful- I am just sorry that I can't reply to them all individually any more because there are so many! Just know that your words have touched me and I am thankful.

Corrections have been so helpful too as firstly (as you probably know) I can't really spell haha and secondly they have ironed out mistakes that I made. People have also added links and extra information, which has turned this from my blog into an even richer resource, acting as a hub for knowledge.

One of the best things that I have seen is people asking questions and other readers answering them! Asking questions gives an opportunity for clarification, not just for the person who asked but for everyone reading; and people who have given answers I commend you for giving your time to help me and everyone else.

I really hope that this culture of adding, debating and aiding continues even after I completely stop editing :')

Thank you all so much.
Happy to have helped ;)


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  3. Hi, I'm only picking up on your blog now but I thought that I would let you know that it really helps! - Its helping so much with revision for my mocks in January! Thanks so much!

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  5. Your blog has helped me very much through my Chemistry Course. Thanks:) You have also inspired me to create my own blog about AS Chemistry as I know you chose to drop it at GCSE. So if anyone does need notes and past papers questions feel free to check out http://rtchemrevision.blogspot.co.uk/


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