Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Nepal and Ads

Hello all loyal friends and fresh new faces,

I hope that you are keeping zen about your upcoming exams- I'm here for ya.

Since January have been in Nepal! Volunteering with Restless Development helping to improve livelyhoods and employment prospects in poverty stricken communities- check out my pics for a revision brake or give a little donation if you can (even a couple of quid goes a long way).

It was an amazing experience and our work benefited so many people! Unfortunately though, there was nooooo wifi what so ever (I know), so I haven't made any adjustments in a while.

So whilst I'm doing this keep an eye out for any helpful points in the comments (thank you so much for everyone who takes the time to comment feedback and corrections, keeping hannahhelp alive).

One more point, which is that I am going to put some ads on the blog.

Though this may be controversial I hope y'all understand: I am trying to get together money for a plane flight to Africa so that I can volunteer there with a charity working to prevent the spread of AIDs in the young population.

Do let me know if you think they are obtrusive or affecting your revision, because I can always take them down, but if not it's a win win- you're getting hannahhelp and I'm getting p ;)

Remember to work hard and relax hard- no slacking, no stressing. Ok?
Best of luck,
Hannah x


  1. You're back! I have been using this blog for the last 2 years (just after you stopped updating) and always wondered whether you'd ever come back, just wanted to say that it has really helped me, thanks.
    P.S. the 's' in AIDS is capital because it stands for syndrome.

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  3. you are so nice! hope you earn the money! would totally donate xx

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  5. Hi Hannah!

    Love your blog and have been using it to help my students over the past couple of years.

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