Tuesday, 7 May 2013

2.23 explain the use of carbon dioxide in carbonating drinks and in fire extinguishers, in terms of its solubility and density

Carbon dioxide is dissolved into drinks at a high pressure, this makes CO2 bubbles in fizzy drinks.

Some fire extinguishers have CO2 in, because it is denser than air it will fall over the fire creating a barrier between the air and fire: the fire can't burn with out the oxygen in the air.


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  2. Hi thank you so much for this, it helps me a lot, however my teacher tells me that i am right but i need to write the "more spefic/ right term". I am currently studdying the edexcel board so is there anything that can help? If anyone can help, that would bee great.
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  3. Fire is thermal combustion - combustion needs oxygen to occur which the carbon dioxide prevents it by making a layer between the fire and the air(which contains oxygen)