Wednesday, 15 May 2013

2.35 describe how the rusting of iron may be prevented by grease, oil, paint, plastic and galvanising

Grease, oil, paint and plastic prevent air and/or water from coming into contact with iron. This means the reaction that rusts iron can't occur.

Galvanising is coating in zinc. This Zinc react in the air to form ZnCO3 which prevents air and/or water from coming into contact with the iron.


  1. When the zinc corrodes it loses the electrons these electrons then flow into the iron atons which have lost electrons when they've corroded meaning they don't form ions of the don't form ions then it can't rust

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  2. Reaction is Oxidation i.e. Metal + Oxygen -> Metal Oxide

  3. i believe that crude oil causes the reaction of iron (iiiii) with two parts of oxidisation: one being that there are more collisions per second so the rate increases, and the other is that crude oil is preheated

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