Thursday, 16 May 2013

4.25 predict the effects of changing the pressure and temperature on the equilibrium position in reversible reactions.

If you move the equilibrium, you change the rate of reaction.
If the equilibrium moves to the right, you have more products. (the reactants are reacting faster)
If the equilibrium moves to the left, you have more reactants. (the products are reacting faster)

If you increase the pressure: the equilibrium will move to the side with least molecules.
If you decrease the pressure: the equilibrium will move to the side with the most molecules.

If you increase the temperature, there will be more products that are produced by an endothermic reaction.
This is because the reaction is trying to use up the extra heat, and it does so by putting the energy into making bonds.


  1. Thank you so much. I finally understand it :) :D

  2. basically the temp increases yh so the equilibrium wants to restore the temp back to normal , so more products produced in endothermic cos it takes in heat and den the temp will be normal if it takes in heat

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